NASA’s Invitation to Send Your Name to the Sun

NASA is inviting every Sun fan to send their names to be the first on the Sun!
How can you do this?

Well NASA is launching a historical probe to the Sun, the Parker Solar Probe.
This mission will be launching this Summer (2018). Your name will be embedded in a microchip and will travel safely through our star’s atmosphere layers without getting burned! Not only this, but the probe will be exploring regions of the Sun we have never explored before, so you can’t miss your ride.

Send your name here:
Watch Star Trek icon, William Shatner inviting you to send your name to NASA to be taken along with his to the Sun this Summer!
CREDIT: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission (, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, William Shatner

And to top it off, according to Thomas Zurbachen, of an administrator for the Science Mission Directorate of NASA in Washington, D.C., this solar mission should answer questions that Heliophysicists and other scientists have been asking for more than 50 years.

Understanding how the Sun affects and supports all life, planets and other celestial bodies in the Solar System is one of the most important subjects of research in space science.

Names will be accepted at this link only until April 27, 2018.

Don’t be late! Send your name TODAY.

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