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Eliana Mackley

 Eliana Mackley, author of the new  novel, Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness

Eliana loves science, and she loves science fiction.  She does not think, but knows that science is divine.  In her words, “Science is a gift from God to mankind for our progression.”

She developed a love for Heliophysics in late 2011,  when the sun commenced its transition from solar minima to solar maxima phase.  Her interest increased when she watched NASA satellites’ videos of massive solar flares erupting on the surface of the sun and read of their effects upon the earth.

She then began studying and researching the affects and effects of solar flares upon the Earth’s magnetic field, upon the physical earth, and upon human health.

Through research she discovered that most major natural disasters can be traced directly to  solar magnetic storms derived from solar flares and subsequent proton events.

Eliana says that as she read the scriptures, she also discovered one major prophecy yet to be fulfilled, it speaks of the sun turning dark in the last days.  She claims she doesn’t know how this darkness will happen, but since the Lord uses natural means to bring to pass his purposes and also to fulfill prophecies, it is likely that  this future darkness ‘might be’ caused by a super magnetic solar storm.

Through deepening her studies and delving  into more more space agencies research, Eliana discovered astonishing facts about what is about to happen in the sun and consequently on earth.  The facts she found are available at all ‘official’ space agencies websites, and by request, for everyone to read, but few know this information exist or that they can easily obtain it.

Eliana, urges that being aware of these facts is of such importance that we should not be only slightly informed about them, but well informed about them.

How Did the Idea for Sounds of the Sun Came About?

One day while listening to the song, Holly Holy, by Neil Diamond, Eliana was inspired to share the solar scientific facts she had discovered with the world.  But how, was the question.  So, she decided to present them in an appealing way:  In a compelling, suspense, intriguing science and fiction genre novel that would appeal to the fancy all ages regardless of the level of their familiarity with astronomy and astrophysics.  And since everyone loves a story,… Sounds of the Sun was born.

“As the sun enters it’s peak of the solar maxima phase in 2013, many wondrous events will take place in space and on Earth.  Some people expected the worse in 2012; but in reality, 2012 extraordinary.  But what is yet to come, in the near future is not a supposition, but a real event that could surprise us all. ”  Eliana says.

Besides her love for Astrophysics and Heliophysics, Eliana’s most cherished treasures are her religion, her family, and her cats.  Writing, of course, is very important to her.

Eliana is a published poetess with poems published in newspapers, and in the books, Pieces of the Heart and The Colors of Life.

A favorite of  her many interests is watching the night sky.  “When I can’t sleep, which is often, that is what I do.  My husband and I keep a telescope in our bedroom, facing our window.  That keeps me occupied during sleepless nights!  I usually get rewarded when admiring ‘God’s jewels’ in the night sky.  I hardly ever not see something amazing happening in space. I love it.”  She says.

We  invite you to celebrate the events of 2015. They are described in Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness, and  learn what science is revealing and scientists are doing to benefit mankind to make the Earth a safer home for us.

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When asked what she thought would happen before the end of 2012, Eliana answered, “Nothing that we haven’t already experienced.” She counsels us to, “Keep informed about the events that will happen in the sun as it enters its Solar Maxima phase in 2013… and warns “There is nothing to be scared of, nothing bad will happen to our earth. It is exceptionally protected by the works of the hand of God.”

Last of all, Eliana says that it is important to learn what happens in the sun because, “It is our star, we should not miss anything that happens on it, or to it.”

Reasons for Reading Sounds of the Sun

CREDIT: NASA Heliophysics/SolarWatcher.net

Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness is informative and very exciting.  The plot provides you with critical information that may make it easier for you to face such a phenomena when the sun turns dark, should it occur in your lifetime.  “Prophecy is not fiction, it will be fulfilled sooner or later!…”  Eliana affirms.

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