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I thank them for their contribution to the world which made it possible for Sounds of the Sun the Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness to be written.

The following photos are courtesy of NASA and its various scientific departments and missions and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  More in particular I wish to thank NASA Science and NASA Heliophysics Departments for making the information I needed for my research readily available online, as public domain, in impeccable professional detail.

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These particular images below, and images and videos throughout this website were used to illustrate the topics in the non-fiction science behind fiction in the new novel, Sounds of the Sun, the Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness as permitted by public domain internet content. Furthermore, I wish to thank everyone, who through their research, their studies and knowledge provided the information that made it possible for this novel to be written.

Thank you.

Image #1 – The Analemma

The Analema

Image # 2 –  The Heliosphere – A shield which protects the sun and the solar system from galactic rays.


CREDIT: NASA – Heliophysics

Image # 3 – Magnetosphere – A shield which protects the earth from cosmic and solar radiation.

Magnetosphere_and _Magnetic Field

Credit: NASA – Images – earth’s magnetosphere

Image # 4 – The Magnetic Field of the earth – It distributes solar radiation and electromagnetic currents around the magnetosphere through its lines. It prevents solar radiation from dumping on earth all in one spot.


CREDIT: NASA Media Gallery

Image # 5 – Layers of the Magnetosphere

Layers of the Magnetosphere

Layers of the Magnetosphere