Magnetosphere Sounds – 1996

Sounds of the Magnetosphere is a series of sounds made by the magnetosphere of the Earth recorded by NASA’s Pollar Mission in 1996.

As you know, there has been claims of strange sounds being heard around the planet Earth.  Some of these sounds are fake and some are not fake.  It is important not to get too excited over these sounds, as there must be a sound explanation for them, and it is best not to hurry into conclusions based upon suppositions.

Here below is a video and a link for recording of the sounds of the Earth’s magnetosphere.   As you listen, you can tell that these sounds are similar, in some ways, but still quite different from the alarming sounds that are being heard around the globe and circulated on the web.

The video also shows an official NASA website where the sounds are posted.   I suggest you access that website at this link Sounds of the Magnetosphere  to listen to the sounds, but also click on the description of the sounds, to understand the better.

SOURCE: NASA – Polar Mission
CREDIT: MrMBB333 at Youtube 

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