Solar Flare of July 19, 2012 – II

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Video Image collage of the M7-class solar flare, of July 19, 2012 on solar spot area AR 1520 The video also shows a sequence of images registered from, July 17, 2012, to July 20, 2012 Before you view the video, lets first learn a little about what you will see, […]

Solar Maximum

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest A Taste of Solar Maximum What is Solar Maximum? Learn more about Solar Maxima, what it is, and what to expect, and how it affects our planet, during this exciting phase of our star. Then, share this important news, by Tweeting it, and Pint to your friends. CREDIT: NASA – […]

How Solar Storms Affect The Earth

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Watch this NASA, Dynamic Earth, video to find out how solar storms affect our planet and environment. How Solar Storms affect our weather patterns and all the physiology, anatomy, and health of the entire planet Earth. Find out how the Earth is protected from solar storms by its magnetic field, […]