2017 Burst of X-class Solar Flares During Solar Minima

September 2017 began with the first set of X-class Solar Flares of 2017: A mega double X2.2 and X9.3-class flares surprised us.

The sun has issued its first X-class solar flare on September 6, 2017, and it is not a feeble flare. It was a double flare a mega X2.2 and an X9.3 flare, just one level short of a Carrington flare.

And then, on September 7, it burst an X1.3; only to repeat it on September 10, with an X8.2. And then it quiet way down, so unusually down, in fact, that it has been registering below the normal low C-class normally observed during a Solar Minima phase.

These out time, out of phase, and out of the ordinary solar flares an X2.2 and a X9.3-class flare, and the CMEs are expected to arrive within 3 days, adding to the out of normal solar radiation the Earth’s magnetosphere seems to still have not been rid of since the last super active Solar Maxima phase. The other flares were aimed off Earth direction, but the CME still affects interplanetary system adding to increased geomagnetic storm activity already in progress on Earth.

The sun as you know is on Solar Minima and that means that through the years solar minima means nearly zero solar activity. However, it hasn’t been so with this Solar Minima phase, we’ve had unprecedented solar activities since Solar Minima began, including an out of the average M-class flare recently, plus strange anomalies such as magnetic storms up to the G-3’s, which are events not expected during Solar Minima. However, an X2.2 class flare and an X9.3 on the same day really made the mark for out of the ordinary occurrences, to join the array of anomalies the Earth has been experiencing recently mostly due to magnetic storms, which sources, for the most part, are still not clear.

Although this X2.2-class and X9.3 flares will generate some beautiful aurorae to be observed in throughout the lower 48 states, it is a serious matter, as its CMEs will overload the Magnetosphere and possibly collapse the magnetic field, causing all the disruptions normally associated with highly charged magnetic storms. And, considering the swarms of earthquakes being experienced Earthwide, it is likely that a major earthquake will take place within the next 3 weeks or within the next 3 months. It usually does after the earth is thus heavily bombarded with solar radiation. Other disasters such as those that are weather-related are also known to accompany the aftermath of such strong solar flares. This could present a problem since Earth is already being devasted by major floods caused by hurricanes and other strong storms.

Here below is are videos filmed by Solar Watcher, which shows the areas of the globe most prone to be affected by the results of these mega solar flares. Please support Solar Watcher, subscribe to their website

CREDIT: solarwatcher.net

X9.3 Solar Flare (Sept 6, 2017)

X2.2 Solar Flare (Sept 6, 2017)

X1.3 Solar Flare (Sept 7, 2017)

X8.2 Solar Flare (Sept 10, 2017)

Image Credit: Laboratory of X-Ray, at Astronomy of the Sun, LPI

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