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Eliana Mackley

 Eliana Mackley, author of the new book series,  Sounds of the Sun

      • Eliana loves science, and she loves science fiction. She does not think but knows that science is divine.  In her words, “

    Science is a gift from God to mankind for our progression

        • .”

    She developed a love for Heliophysics in late 2011​ when the Sun commenced its transition into Solar Cycle 24 transitioning from Solar Minima phase to Solar Maxima phase. Her interest increased when she viewed NASA satellites’ images of massive solar flares erupting on the surface of the Sun and read of their effects upon all that exists on the Earth.

    She then began studying and researching the effects of solar flares upon the Earth’s magnetic field, upon the physical earth, and upon the human body. The affects of it on our health, as well as its effects on animal and plant life.

    • Book One: Sounds of the Sun, The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness
    • Book Two: Greetings From Venus (coming soon)

Her first novel in the Sounds of the Sun series is Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness.

Through research, she discovered that most major natural disasters can be traced directly to solar magnetic storms derived from solar flares and subsequent proton events.

Eliana also said that as she read the scriptures and discovered a major prophecy yet to be fulfilled related to the Sun. It speaks of the Sun turning dark in the last days. She claims she doesn’t know how or when this darkness will occur, but it will occur, “and since the Lord works in patterns, and He uses natural means to bring to pass his purposes and to fulfill prophecies,” she said, “it is quite likely that this future event ‘might be’ caused by a super magnetic solar storm, although I really have no idea how it will really happen, I only know it will happen. Of that, I have no doubt.” She affirmed.

She deepened her study and delved into more and more space agency research and discovered astonishing facts about what was about to happen in the Sun and consequently on Earth, during its recent past Solar Maxima phase and even for years beyond it as its consequence.

The facts she discovered were available to the public at all ‘official’ space agencies websites, and also available by request for everyone to read. Few know that this information exists and that it can easily obtain it. In her books, she details how to get it.

Eliana urges that these facts are of such importance that, we should not be just slightly curious about them, but become well familiar with them.

How Did the Idea for the “Sounds of the Sun” Series Come About?

One day while listening to the song, Holly Holy, by Neil Diamond, Eliana was inspired to share the solar science facts she had discovered with a friend who is a fan of that song. She soon discovered that her friend was better acquainted with movie stars than with our real star, the Sun. So she wanted to give her friend a chance to know more about the Sun.

But how? was the question.

She decided to present the facts to her friend, and also to her children, in an appealing way. After all, she had to compete with the glamor and glitter of movie stardom! So she wrote the first book in the series. A compelling suspense novel. An intriguing science ‘and’ fiction book that appeals to the fancy of all ages regardless of their level of interest or familiarity with Astronomy or Heliophysics.

And since everyone loves a good saga,…the series Sounds of the Sun was born.

When the first book in this series was being edited in 2011, some people were expecting the worse to happen in 2012.

Thus, when asked what she thought would happen before the end of 2012, Eliana responded, “Nothing will happen. But it is important to become informed about the events that will happen during the Solar Cycle 24“. Solar Cycle 24 was the 24th period of 11 years when the Sun entered high solar activity.  This period of activity increases when the Sun reaches a Solar Maxima peak. The last Solar Maxima transpired in 2013, and many wondrous events took place in the Sun, in space, and on Earth, during that time, which are described in the first book of the series, Sounds of the Sun.

Eliana continued. “Many people are unaware of these facts, and they had nothing to do with the 2012 buzz.”

At that time she said, “There is nothing to be scared about. Nothing bad will happen to our planet. Earth is exceptionally protected by the works of God that have been in place since its creation. However, it is our obligation to know what God has done, even in space, to protect us here on Earth, to avoid unnecessary fear by believing in uninformed or false rumors. However what is and will transpire in the Sun now and in the future, is not a supposition. It is real. But it is nothing to be alarmed about. “  Eliana said.”

As you can witness for yourself, by watching the evidence on the videos on this site, the Sun really did go through a stormy 11 years period.

Read… Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness

Eliana is an LDS author. And besides her love for Astrophysics, Heliophysics, and Astronomy, her most cherished treasures are her religion, her family, and her cats. Writing and science are, of course, “what makes me tingle.” She says. She is a published poetess with poems published in the Provo Sun, and in the books, Pieces of the Heart and The Colors of Life, a cookbook Eliana’s Whole Foods, and three other additional novels, presently being crafted.

Coming Soon!… is book-two in the Sounds of the Sun series, titled,

 “Greetings from Venus”

Watch for it at Amazon.

A favorite of Eliana’s many interests is watching the night sky. “My husband and I keep a telescope in our bedroom, facing our window. And when I can’t sleep at night, watching the sky is what I do. That keeps me from keeping him awake by tossing and turning, plus I get well rewarded by the beauty of God’s jewels in the space, as rarely is a time in which I do not witness some wonder in space, at night. I love it.”  She says.

The big event in which her novel setting ushered, took place in 2015. Other events followed it and are still to come shortly. These were and are real events that are listed in Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness.

Be truly dazzled and entertained as you read and learn more about the Sun in…

Sounds of the Sun” Get it now at amazon.com $1.99

Last of all Eliana says, “It is important to learn all we can about the Sun. “It is our star. Our only Star. Thus, we should not miss anything that happens on it, to it, or with it.”

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CREDIT: Courtesy of NASA Heliophysics/SolarWatcher.net/EQForecaster

Book One:  Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness is informative, unique and very exciting. The plot provides you with critical information that will make it easier for you to face such phenomena as ‘when’ the day comes that the “Sun will turn dark”;  as prophesy warns us.

 “Keep in mind that Prophecy is not fiction. It is real. It will be fulfilled.  Sooner or later the sun will turn dark. It should be wise to learn how to prepare for such a thing, in case it happens in our lifetime. Sounds of the Sun should give you some tips!”  Eliana joked.

Book Two: Sounds of the Sun – Greetings From Venus (coming soon!) will leave you just as enthralled, as an ordinary woman from Earth mysteriously discovers the work she must do to save Earth from what is coming.

Read Book-One while waiting for Book Two. These two stories are not a sequel, but they both will leave you equally mesmerized and will cause you to go outside to…

Watch The Sky!

Sounds of the Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness available now at Amazon.com

Coming Soon… Sounds of the Sun – Greetings From Venus