Relaxation Music – Arctic River

Relax! Relax!  That’s what we are told, but sometimes the pressure is too controlling of our faculties and motor skills to allow us relax.  None of us  is not alone on this.  But we are also not alone in accomplishing relaxation on our own. There are many stress relief tools and a host exercises to […]

Expression Of Divine Love

This video is an expression of Divine love.  Our Heavenly Father’s love for us.  Among all this greatness that He created, we humans are his mater piece, his grand creation, his children.  And all of this that you see here, was created for us, children from Earth and his children from other Earths. Enjoy the […]

A Selection of Songs About the Sun

The sun is associated with happiness, cheerful gatherings, friendships, romance, love, and family good times. Did you know that there are numerous songs written about the sun?  We will be posting a selection of our favorites for you to enjoy! Celestial Music Helps Us To Prepare for the Lord’s Second Coming.  Inspired music truly raises […]