Airline Pilots and Passengers Being Exposed to Radiation

Airlines prefer polar routes for transoceanic flights. They are shorter and have reduced winds.  However, pilots and ordinary air travelers can be exposed to significant doses of radiation during solar storms, when flying those aviation routes. A new computer model developed by NASA is designed to help protect the public by predicting space weather hazards […]

International Response to Space Weather Effects Being Organized by UN

The solar maximum  of 2013-2024 has begun, and the United Nations has added space weather to the regular agenda of the COPUOS Science and Technical Sub-committee, to initiate steps to organize an international response to space weather effects, such as orbital debris and close-approaching asteroids. From now on, space weather will be regular topic of […]

What Caused the Superbowl Blackout on Feb 3, 2013

The real cause of the unexplained reason for the Blackout during the Superbowl Sunday on Feb 3, 2013, wasn’t the electrical company negligence, but a filament eruption with CME blast on the Sun’s Corona on January 31, 2013.  The CME arrived at the Earth’s magnetosphere on February 3, 2o13, which happened to be Superbowl Sunday. […]

The Power of Solar Storms

Satellites are finding more power than ever imagined in the near Earth space. The video below is an explanation of a series of solar storms that lasted from March 8 to March 10, 2012. This series of solar storms flooded the upper atmosphere of the Earth with enough energy to power every residence in New […]

Solar Flare Conference at NASA

Heliophysics The Study of Solar Flares Explained Various scientists and researchers joined together to explain the study of solar dynamics which is a new science discipline called Heliosphysics which studies the sun and its relationship to Earth. Also explained is the Heliosphysics Observatory System, which is a network of satellites orbiting the Earth and Sun […]