Chorus Waves Sounds

An explanation of NASA’s recorded sounds of the magnetosphere which they call song of the Earth, or chorus waves produced by killer electrons.  These sounds were recorded by satellites studying the Van Allen Belts or Radiation Belts. CREDIT: Science at NASA Radio Waves Sounds  Emitted By The Earth’s Magnetosphere On Sept. 5, 2012, the Electric […]

Magnetosphere Sounds – 1996

Sounds of the Magnetosphere is a series of sounds made by the magnetosphere of the Earth recorded by NASA’s Polar Missions. As you know, there have been claims of strange sounds being heard around the planet Earth. Some of these sounds are fake and some are not fake.  It is important not to get too […]

The Song of The Sun

Listen To The Song Of The Sun This video, provided by ESA (European Space Agency and NASA’s SOHO) shows, how bubbles of hot plasma in the convection zone of the sun, move to the surface, or corona.  As they move, they make a sound.  This sound the song of the sun.  We cannot hear the […]

Enjoy! Sounds of the Sun and Music

All Sounds are Music Recordings of Sounds Made By The Sun Can Be Incorporated Into Musical Compositions To Make Beautiful Music Listen!  

Sounds of The Sun

Welcome! Listen to the sounds of that the sun makes   The images in this video were taken by NASA’s Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA), and the sounds were recorded by NASA’s SOHO satellite,   “The Sun is like a huge musical instrument.  It rings like a bell, and vibrates like an organ pipe. Just like […]