Crop Circles and Solar Flares

Crop Circles of England Now Have Rivals

Crop circles first began appearing in England.  But most recently, and in particular since 2011, crop circles began emerging  anywhere in the world where  their architects, or the hoaxers, could  find a suitable crop to form them.

A crop circle is a very large circular pattern created by  flattening the stalks of wheat, barley, rye, corn, or rapeseed crops.  These crop circles are also known as Crop Formations.  These formations get the name Crop Circles, because they are mostly circular in shape.

Crop circles were first documented in 1686, when Robert Plot,  a British scientist, documented in the  The Natural History of Stafford Shire, what he named fairy rings.  It was his thought at that time that crop circles were caused by air flow.

In 1991 Terence Meaden, a  meteorologist,  linked Robert Plot’s report with modern crop circles and the crop circle fever began to escalate.

In 1880 John Rand Capron, an English Solicitor (An English Solicitor in the 1800’s was a Lawyer, not a salesman), an amateur scientist, astronomer, photographer, and an expert in spectroscopy wrote in the Nature journal that crop circles were “suggestive of some cyclonic wind action”.

In the 1960s, there were many reports of UFO sightings and circular formations in swamp reeds and sugar cane fields in Tully, Queensland, Australia, and in Canada.

1966 a farmer said he witnessed an UFO rise from a swamp, 30 to 40 feet in the air and then fly away.  He investigated the site and claims to have found a nearly circular area 32′ long by 25′ wide.  He claims that the grass was flattened clockwise within the circle and the reeds in the swamp were uprooted.  The police was informed, and later the RAAF and the University of Queensland issued a report saying that the circle was likely formed by natural phenomenon, such as a down draft.  Later, in 1967, the Department of National Defense launched an investigation, after a group of circles appeared in a field in Duhamel, Alberta, Canada.

Nearly 10,000 crop circles were formed around the world towards the end of the last century.  Of these, 90% of the circles were reported in Southern England.  Most of the formations appearing in the South England near Stonehenge and other ancient monuments, and within 9.3 miles radius from Avebury.

In 1991 two hoaxers confessed and claimed to have built crop circles throughout England

In all, crop circles remain a mystery, but here is a video captured during the formation of one of these circles that could shed some light on the phenomenon.

Crop Circle in the Netherlands

CREDIT: Nancy Talbott and Robbert Van Den Broeke
Courtesy of Crop Circle Gallery

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