Curiosity Party

Welcome to Mars!
You Are Invited To Throw The Party of The Century
The Curiosity Rover Landing Party!
To Celebrate the NEW Curiosity Rover landing on Mars on August 5, 2012 at 10:32 p.m.

It’s Mission?…
To explore a new world, to go where no man has gone before.  What for?   To get a drink of water!   And, oh well, to pick up any other green trinkets it may find.  Will it be green, will it be red?  We don’t know.

But get your green drink and green chips, follow the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, on August 5, 2012, 10:32 p.m., and you’ll find out.


Lets Party!… The Mars NEW Curiosity Rover  is landing on Mars and we join NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to throw a party of the century to celebrate this miraculous, Mission Impossible, 2.5 billion dollars historical landing.

This is your chance to be the first to see, never before seeing, details of Mars and of a landing mission.  Get your favorite healthy Martian treats gather your family and friends, and lets celebrate together; then,Tweet and Facebook your impressions of the Red Planet.

Begin following curiosity now and see if from its birth to where it is and where is going to be from now till it lands on Mars.   Curiosity will look for water on Mars.  Be the first to see it find it, because obviously it will!  Then, be the first to tell the world.

Entry, Descent and Landing Procedure Begins

Today, July 3o,2012,  the Mars Science Laboratory flight team will begin executing Mars near space entry procedures, descent and landing (EDL).

The spacecraft will begin a sequence of automated activities that will lead to the eventual on August 5, 2012.   A lot will be done by the 

JPL flight team on Earth to update parameters for the autonomous software that controls the sequence of procedures during the

CREDIT: NASA’s JPL Curiosity Rover Flight Team

descent through Mars atmosphere and landing event.

“Some parameters give the spacecraft’s on board computer knowledge about wherethe vehicle is relative to Mars.  Others may be updated based on observations by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft of Mars’ variable atmospheric conditions in this week before landing.”  Says NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory flight team.

 Now, you are probably wondering where from Earth is 2.5 billion dollars coming from to launch such an expensive mission, for what? To find water on Mars!  Don’t we have water to spear here on Earth, and isn’t our economy suffering?  Those are great questions.  And before you go further to investigate the answer let NASA answer it for you, and you will be shocked to know how  NASA’s spends your tax dollars on space programs and all space exploration creating mega numbers of jobs and opportunity for everyone not in the US but in the world to Thrive and prosper, helping  small business, large business, small companies and large corporations to stay in business to strengthen the economy.  And helping college students to achieve their desired dreams not in the science and space exploration fields, but in all areas, as all fields of studies and all professions are needed to launch space exploration mission, such as the New Curiosity Rover.  And as we advance and expand our knowledge of space, we expand and advance our knowledge of how to provide a better home for us all here on Earth.

Enjoy this NASA video, as they explain how NASA’s budget is spent to help you and I thrive.

NASA Budget 2013


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