The NOAA Collaborating With NASA Issues Daily Space Weather Reports

Space Weather is the environmental condition between the Earth’s troposphere and stratosphere and the Sun’s atmosphere.   In other words, space weather is the conditions of the environment between the sun’s atmosphere to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Space weather should be common knowledge.  It concerns every individual on Earth.  It affects every individual on the planet, from the most astronomical to the most minute way of life.

Even decision such as, when and where crops should be planted, should be considered upon consulting a reliable space weather report such as those provided by NASA and the NOAA.

Changes in the interplanetary medium, such as disturbances caused by energized solar winds carrying CME plasma from the sun towards Earth, can cause severe disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere.

These changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere cause disturbances in the ionosphere and in the Earth’s inner core, resulting in satellite damage, hazard to astronauts in space, power grid and communication systems interruptions on Earth, as well as severe Earthquakes, and violent weather patterns and many other meteorological and geographical catastrophes to happen on Earth.

Solar storm radiation and interplanetary medium anomalies that affects the Earth’s Space Weather are registered by NASA’s Soho Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), in space, and are reported as Space Weather conditions.  This data is then analyzed and Space Weather warnings and predictions are made as to when the affects of solar flares will impact the magnetic field of the Earth, as well a its strength and what to expect from them.

Space weather reports are as important for us individually as climate weather reports.  Why?  Because it affects our health, our environment, our regional climate and weather.  It causes physical changes on the Earth’s inner core resulting in tectonic plate movements, and it even affects our nervous system and human behavior.

NASA’s Daily Space Weather Report visit  http://swc.gsfc.nasa.gov/main/

NASA prediction of  CME Arrival on Earth use this link:   http://bit.ly/MCSG5L


Courtesy of:  NASA Goddard Space Weather Report  Cente

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