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July 19, 2012

An M7.7 Solar Flare Erupts at AR 1520 sun spot

NASA reports that, “A gigantic sunspot unleashed an intense solar flare early Thursday (July 19), though the solar storm shouldn’t pose any serious problems to us here on Earth, scientists say a flare erupted from a sunspot known as AR 1520at 1:13 a.m. EDT (0513 GMT) Thursday and peaked about 45 minutes later. The outburst qualifies as an M7.7-class solar flare, meaning it’s a bit weaker than the sun’s most powerful blasts, X-class flares.”

Solar flares affects space weather and near Earth space weather as well as the electromagnetic field of the Earth, which causes disturbances in the Earth’s core as well as the ionosphere which may cause serious effects to satellites and other technology on Earth. Learn more about solar flares and their effects on our physical Earth, on this video below.

Solar Flare of July 19, 2012


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