Gigantic New Sunspot 11 times the size of Earth Facing Our Planet

A new gigantic sunspot, AR1785, was just discovered!

A free webcast by the online skyWatching website Slooh Space Camera will show it to us today.

The webcast will begin at 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT) on July 9, 2013 and will last about 25 minutes. Watch for the webcast at the window above at start time when you click on the video link below.

“Slooh Space Camera will take viewers on a close-up view of this gigantic sunspot. ” Slooh officials wrote in an announcement.  ‘AR1785 may pose a threat to Earth if a solar flare  ignites while pointed at Earth.'”  To learn more about solar flares and solar threats to earth, see our other videos on this website.  And also read all about the sun in Sounds of the The Sun, The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness.

Scientists will the Slooth Space Camera in a solar telescope at Prescott Observatory in Arizona.  This will enable us, here at home,  to  safely observe this phenomenal sunspot from the comfort of our home.  You can also watch it directly here:

WARNING:  Severe and permanent  eye damage can result from observing the sun with the naked eye or without sun filters for your telescope.

Never, DO NOT EVER, look directly at the sun during an eclipse, or otherwise, through a telescope without special sun filters for protection.  You must also use specially designed solar sunglasses to protect your eyes (These are not your regular sunglasses).  You can obtain solar sunglasses at the ‘store’ here on this website.  Scientists use special filters to study the sun.  

Observe this Suspot safely.  Watch the live Webcast here:

CREDIT:  SkyWatching website, Prescott Observatory in Arizona

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