What Will Happen When The Sun Turns to Darkness?


What Will Happen on Earth...

When the Sun Turns Into Darkness

Sounds of the Sun, The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darknessis a new science fiction novel based on research and facts provided by the Astrophysics and Heliophysics departments at NASA, the NOAA, and other space agencies.

Imagine a massive solar flare and CME blast at the sun creating a magnetic storm so powerful that it plunges the Earth temporarily into darkness totality or absolute darkness.

Imagine, too, a family's ordeal living through the chaos of this darkness where light of any kind is impossible to be obtained.

During  this futuristic magnetic solar storm the interplanetary medium is disrupted,  and as sun temporarily turns dark as a result of it, a phenomenal change take place upon the Earth.

Imagine what would happen on the Earth, when this phenomenon occurs!

  • Could this fiction come true?
  • Could "the sun be darkened" during our lifetime as predicted in the scriptures?
  • If so, when will it happen?
  • Are you and your family prepared to face such a phenomenon?

Don't miss reading, Sounds of the Sun, The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness.  It is fun.  It suspencifull.  It is intriguing! and it could save your life when "sun turns into darkness".

Watch the Sky!

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