Image of the Sun as Comet ISON Approaches Perihelion – (11/28/13)

With the approach of comet ISON in perihelion with the sun, the sun is exhibiting almost 1/3 of its surface darkened by massive coronal holes.

The Sun will eventually be darkened as it has been prophesied, there is no question about that.  We will eventually experience a temporary darkness upon the earth. Whether it will be 3 days or longer and when it will happen no one knows.  But that darkness is  is unavoidable coming in the near future.

This NASA-SDO image of the sun filmed on 11/28/13 as comet ISON was on its way with perihelion with the sun speaks clearer on that subject than a thousands words could.  As author of the book, Sounds of the Sun, “The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness”, I have done extensive heliophysics research, and all scientific data that I’ve encountered, indicate that the sun is in a perilous stage and has been for quite some time.

As you visit this website, view its videos, you will notice that during strong solar flares the sun darkens for a mere split-of-a-second.  You can observe this in NASA’s filmed images of solar flares as the those strong flares erupt.  Keep in mind when you see this, that for time sake, those video images are played in faster mode, and that that split-of-a-second image that you see when the sun goes dark is actually quite a long time in real time; it actually happens during many hours, or even a day or two of our time on earth.

The question to you, Sounds of the Sun fans, is this: Are you taking this information serious enough to prepare for such event, as when the sun’s visible light rays will go darke, here on earth, for who knows how long? And do you know what you will need to be prepared to survive such an event? You should know that you will not die, during that event, so don’t deceive yourself with the general thinking that if such a thing were to happen, you would prefer to just die with the masses, because that will not happen, and if you are unprepared you will suffer miserably, but not die.  However, unless you are prepared with what you will need that time will be a very miserable experience for you and your family that could easily be avoided.  But if you prepare, believe it or not, it could in fact be the most interesting and amazing experience you will have ride trough.  That is why you should read “Sounds of the Sun” to get the ideas and learn how to keep in positive attitude and high spirit when that time comes, because that time will come, there is nothing anyone can say or do to stop it from coming.

In the book, “Sounds of the Sun, The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness” you will be entertained by story while you read and learn, but you will also be instructed and taught which are the specific items you will need to have handy, and how to use them, how and where and why you will need those things handy to ride such a dark time as that.  You should also know beforehand that it is one thing to have that perfect emergency kit waiting for an emergency to hit, but this darkness that is coming from the sun is a completely different type of emergency, and for it you will need a completely different type of preparedness to to be ready for darkness totality.

To understand what it will be like and how you can actually go through the darkness with high spirits and survive it without being completely miserable, you should read “Sounds of the Sun” and learn the tips from reading the fictional story.

The image below is courtesy of The Watchers Adoraelli.  For great information on the sun and other important science topics visit their website.  Take a good look at the sun as you view this image, and don’t delay and download “Sounds of the Sun” to your tablet or to your computer with a free amazon Kindle app and read it, we may be running out of time before the sun is darkened.

In personal note, I wish to thank you for reading “Sounds of the Sun, The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness” and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving day, and don’t forget that comet ISON has everything with what happens in the sun and with the sun, so keep track of  it in the sky.

Love to all of you and to your family –Happy Thanksgiving Day! 

Sun as of 11-28-13

Courtesy of The Watchers Adoraelli


  1. Sun will be darkened, as it has been prophesied, there is no question about that, and we will eventually experience a temporary darkness upon the earth, whether it will be 3 days or longer and when it will happen no one knows.

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