NASA Predicts Super Solar Flares and Powerful magnetic Storm in 2012-2014 That Could Reverse Our Technology Back to the Dark Ages

Super Powerful Magnetic Solar Storm Predicted

Super Powerful Magnetic Solar Storm Predicted by NASA and ESA

  • What does it mean?

A solar storm is derived from three elements:

  1. Solar flares
  2. Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)
  3. And Accelerated Subatomic Particles
  1.  A Solar Flares are huge release of energy on the surface of the sun that produces a flash of light.  This energy release converts the magnetic energy of the sun into heat and light.  It also accelerates particles from the surface of the sun to 8% of the speed of light, which creates the Kenetic energy that heats that plasma up to 60 million degrees Kelvins.
  2. A CME is a huge blast of mass or plasma, ejected from the surface of the sun, that creates a shock wave in the interplanetary medium, which in turn creates energetic particles, or radiation that can harm the Earth.  A CME travels away from the sun as fast as a million miles per hour, carrying up to ten billion tons of plasma. If the mass ejection occurs at solar spot facing the towards Earth; than, that CME will be travel towards Earth, by the solar wind.  CMEs usually follow strong solar flares at solar spots.
  3. These energetic particles, or radiation, are subatomic particles, or solar magnetic particles.

The above three elements together produce Solar Storms.  And strong solar storms can disturb the Earth’s magnetic field, which in turn disrupts the stability of the Earth’s core, causing numerous catastrophic natural disasters on Earth.

The Video below discusses

  • How will Magnetic Solar Storms  affect us on Earth?
  • In the event of a strong Magnetic Solar Storm…Will we survive its impact on our technology?

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