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Relax!  That’s what we are told, but sometimes the pressure is too controlling of our faculties and motor skills to allow us relax.  None of us  is not alone on this.  But we are also not alone in accomplishing relaxation on our own.

There are many stress relief tools and a host exercises to suit each of our capacities to relax muscle tention and allow our bodies, mind and spirit to return to perfect balance.  At least for those moments when we are are practicing of these relaxation exercises, we are relaxing.  For we know well that, if out of our control, outside forces are the cause of our stress, there is not always something we can do to alleviate it and return to emotional wellness.

And in most instances, these sources of stress are not sources that we can eliminate.  For example, if our children are sick, or keeping us awake at night with a growing pain; that’s it, we have to live with it.  That stress cannot be eliminated, until it resolves itself.   Some times these stresses are lessons we need to learn, and we must endure them patiently.  This enduring is what makes us strong and eventually truly happy.

However, as I said before, there are tools to helps us experience heavenly, worry free moments, and those moments are necessary and vital to our stabilization, to our balance, and finding strength to face the next hour or the next day.

I recently listened to marvelous relaxing music by The Amnis Initiative, and found one of those heavenly moments which lasted and lasted.  So I would like to recommend The Amnis Initiative, if you enjoy soft, relaxing, but beautiful new age music.

“Music is a Dutch independent music label, which exclusively releases all recordings by The Amnis Initiative.  Amnis, in Latin means:  Broad, deep flowing, rapid water, stream, torrent, river, ocean, liquid, current.  “The Amnis Initiative:  Instrumental music for a new era. “

Sit down, close your eyes and flow with the music.

CREDIT: The Amnis Initiave – Arctic River

 I contacted The Amnis Initiative and they were very gracious to me.  Immediately they sent me this marvelous sample of their new released album, Arctic River.  I have the link her for you to enjoy it too.

For more Amnis Initiative CDs click on the image on the left.  To Listen to a Sample of Arctic River

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