A Selection of Songs About the Sun

The sun is associated with happiness, cheerful gatherings, friendships, romance, love, and family good times.

Did you know that there are numerous songs written about the sun?  We will be posting a selection of our favorites for you to enjoy!

Celestial Music Helps Us To Prepare for the Lord’s Second Coming.  Inspired music truly raises our spirits to the highest levels of joy
Here is a son about Kolob. Kolob is the name of the star (sun) closest to God’s throne

1. If You Could Hie to Kolob

CREDIT: Courtesy of The Provo LDS Missionary Training Center (MTC- Provo)

And if you get a little under the weather.  Here is Mr. Neil Diamond to brighten your day with…

Holly Holly

CREDIT:  Neil Diamond (CD: Neil Diamond –  The Greatest Hits -1966-1992)
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In the novel Sounds Of The Sun, The Story of The Three Days of Darkness, I speak of listening to Good Morning Starshine song, by Oliver.  It is a marvelous, happy song about the sun.  And here it is for you to enjoy.

Good Morning Starshine

CREDIT: Oliver – Good Morning Starshing – Courtesy of You Tube
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