New Discovery – The Memory of Water

The Power and Memory of Water

Hydro science, or the study of water is so new that it is really at is conception point right now.  As scientists are discovering astounding aspects of water and its energy and power, we can’t help but to be at awe at is providence, its power, our need of it, and how much of this abundant goodness the Lord provided for our use and enjoyment and our discovery upon this planet

Water molecule Memory and Water Molecule Reconstruction to bring water back to its pristine condition is the scientific topic on the video here below.

Water is not just what we use when thirty or need to wash and clean… Water is much more.

  • Don’t Go Another Day Without Watching This Shocking Truth
  • It  Will Change Your Perspective About Water

Courtesy of EyeThink11


  1. Great interview with David Sereda. Yes, water is the power of the universe – so subtle yet it is our connection with everything!

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