Solar Maxima 2013 – Double peaked?

A science team consensus at NASA has issued a contradicting news concerning earlier scientific reports which expected a violent Solar Maximum peak in 2013.

Instead of a steady stream of violent solar flares and magnetic solar storms as they were predicting earlier, solar physicist Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center now theorizes that the Sun may be having a double peak Solar Maximum–meaning that the Sun will go into periods of high peak activity then slow down and peak up again.

It is interesting that these studies suggest that one of those peaks may occur in 2015.

Ironically 2015 is the year mentioned in the science and fiction novel Sounds of the Sun, the Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness! A coincidence which the author finds “brilliantly strategic.”

It helps us to admit that our knowledge about the Sun is primitive and that we have no idea if this star is or ever can be predictable as a mathematical equation.  But, NASA is working hard to discover all it can about the Sun and to let us know the results of those discoveries.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the Space Weather report daily at NASA or at the NOAA and watch out for those splendidly beautiful but tremendously dangerous Aurorae now seeing in many areas of the globe where the Aurora is not commonly seeing.

Here is a NASA video that you may enjoy to learn more about what is happening at our star:

Solar Cycle Update

CREDIT: Science @ NASA – Multimedia

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