Solar EMP Eminent in 2013

Scientists now have come to the conclusion that it is not a question of if, but when a super solar flare and geomagnetic storm will happen and the authorities worldwide are doing all they can to come up with a solution to the global cataclysmic devastation as a result of such an event, when it happens.  They now know it will happen.  The question is when?  The signs are evident and no longer leave any doubt. The second question is how to prepare humanity for this unavoidable event.

According to authorities, there will be no supply of food, drinking water, no gasoline, no transportation, no communication, no medical care.  Emergency services, government services, banking and financing institutions will all halt services.

Authorities at the EIS Council Summit made it clear that a  solar magnetic disturbance, or solar electromagnetic pulse (solar EMP) affect on our grid is inevitable.  It is just a matter of time and our civilization is entirely unprepared for this event.

Government and corporations are used to experience disasters and learn from them gradually; however an EMP and severe space weather is completely different and no organization is giving it the thought it should and we as a society are completely unprepared for it as well.

World leaders are beginning to take action to prepare for this event, but timing is crucial.  We know that the preparations have to be done; however, what we don’t know is how much time we have left to prepare.


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