The Song of The Sun

Listen To The Song Of The Sun

This video, provided by ESA (European Space Agency and NASA’s SOHO) shows, how bubbles of hot plasma in the convection zone of the sun, move to the surface, or corona.  As they move, they make a sound.  This sound the song of the sun. 

We cannot hear the sounds the sun makes, because it is 93 million miles (150 million km.) from Earth.  But now we can listen and enjoy the sounds of the sun in this video.  These sounds you will hear are very low frequency.  The repeat once every 5 minutes.  They were recorded by NASA’s SOHO for 40 days, were accelerated 42 thousand times, to play only a few seconds of the actual sound of the sun.

Enjoy the video, and visit NASA and ESA websites for more information on the sun and other space missions.

CREDIT:  ESA – NASA’s SOHO Space Craft

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