Video: Solar Flares and Our Sun in Full Magnificence

As the sun enters the peak of its solar maxima phase in 2013, watch for solar flare news and solar storm warnings on the news online at Solar Wachers, at NOAA, and at other space weather and solar news related websites. Solar flares can produce strong solar magnetic storms which can affect the electrical power […]

Volcano & Earthquake Warning

Earthquake Warning ! Volcano and Earthquake are in the horizon for… Honshu in Japan, Greece, Western Turkey, Hindu Kush Region in Afghanistan or Tajikistan The  unnumbered Coronal Hole at latitudes 43-46°N, indicates a potential 6.7 Magnitude earthquake, towards the end of this watch. The areas withing 35-39°N.  Latitude would be most at risk.  Possible locations […]

Solar Flare of July 19, 2012 – II

Video Image collage of the M7-class solar flare, of July 19, 2012 on solar spot area AR 1520 The video also shows a sequence of images registered from, July 17, 2012, to July 20, 2012 Before you view the video, lets first learn a little about what you will see, and also be we start, […]

The Song of The Sun

Listen To The Song Of The Sun This video, provided by ESA (European Space Agency and NASA’s SOHO) shows, how bubbles of hot plasma in the convection zone of the sun, move to the surface, or corona.  As they move, they make a sound.  This sound the song of the sun.  We cannot hear the […]

How Solar Storms Affect The Earth

Watch this NASA, Dynamic Earth, video to find out how solar storms affect our planet and environment. How Solar Storms affect our weather patterns and all the physiology, anatomy, and health of the entire planet Earth. Find out how the Earth is protected from solar storms by its magnetic field, which is generated at the […]