Twenty Three X-class Solar Flares Since 10/15/13

Click on The Title Above To Watch The Solar Flare Videos (Wait 10 seconds for page to load…The videos are listed below this article) The sun has issued 23 X-class solar flares and numerous M and C class flares since October 15, 2013 This high activity began on October 24th, 2013 at 00:30 UT, with region AR 11877 erupting […]

How Solar Flares Are Classified

Learn How Solar Flares Are Classified Did You Know That Solar Flares Are Classified In A Scale Just Like Earthquakes? Watch this NASA video to learn how solar flares are classified, how they are formed, and more facts about the sun.  Then, next time you hear about solar flares, solar storms, magnetic storms, and such […]

Super Powerful Magnetic Solar Storm Predicted

Super Powerful Magnetic Solar Storm Predicted by NASA and ESA What does it mean? A solar storm is derived from three elements: Solar flares Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) And Accelerated Subatomic Particles  A Solar Flares are huge release of energy on the surface of the sun that produces a flash of light.  This energy release […]