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Sounds Of The Sun  The Story of The Coming Three Days of Darkness

Eliana Mackley

A Fictional Science novel

Sounds of the Sun Cover

Sounds of The Sun – The Story of the Coming Three Days of Darkness

A new, sizzling hot suspenseful novel that leaves you burning to know more about the mysteries of the sun.

It’s suspenseful…It’s funny…It’s dangerous!

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In the eve of the Millennium, a super solar flare rips the fabric of the interplanetary system. The blast turns the sun into darkness and issues a massive solar storm through the solar system. As a result, the solar electromagnetic pulse (EMP) shatters the earth’s magnetosphere, breaking apart the magnetic field, and the earth is temporarily thrown off orbit and into darkness totality.

Unable to obtain light of any kind, mankind is plunged into chaos as the earth undergoes upheavals and unimaginable disasters in the darkness. Two-thirds of the planet’s population dies and life as we know it ends.

In the aftermath of the darkness, fear, war, radiation, and famine are a worldwide threat. The catastrophe survivors are forced to build a new society where good and evil are forces equally strong and opposing each other.

Read Sounds of the Sun. Your reliance on what is dependable and predictable is about to be challenged. Darkness totality has happened on earth before. It can happen again. If it does, are you prepared? Do you have a plan for facing it?… Learn about the role the sun plays in natural disasters?

You won’t be able to put this book down until you read the words, The End.

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  • “A fictional story filled with Astrophysics, Heliophysics, astrophysics, and Earth Science and geophysics facts written in simple, friendly terms, for all ages and those of all education background to enjoy.”

On sale now at $0.99

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