What Damage Can Solar Storms Cause On Earth?

Solar Filament Eruption

Solar Filament Eruption

Attack of the Sun

What Damage Can Solar Storms Cause on Earth?

Space weather, its affects, and attacks of the Sun on earth (solar flares) has become a priority topic of discussion by worldwide government leaders at the United Nations.

As alerts of global catastrophic weather patterns and climate related events are increasing due to the 24th Solar Maxima phase government leaders and preparedness agencies are getting more and more concern about the impact that a super solar flare or Carrigton flare from the sun may have upon the global economy of the whole planet.

Even though there is nothing that can be done, at least that we know of, to stop the sun from issuing such a catastrophic flare, certainly these leaders have been communicating and studying ways to prepared to deal with the aftermath of such a devastation on the planet on a global scale.

Science at NASA has prepared this video Attack of the Sun to inform the public on the physics and dangers of the sun in a way that we can better understand what is being done to protect our planet or at least ways for our planet to deal with such an event.

You can watch this amazing video here provided to us as courtesy of NASA and  Space.com

What Damage Can Solar Storms Cause on Earth?

CREDIT: Science at NASA and NASA Heliophysics

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