What’s in Observing the Sun for You?

Observing the Sun’s behavior is the most rewarding intellectual activity one could endeavor to pursue.

Why is that?

Two reasons. One is, you will be tapping into the cutting edge research from ground and space agencies observatories, universities studies to learn a monumental amount about the Sun. The other reason is that you will have the latest satellite data from on-going space crafts and satellites orbiting the Earth and the Sun, at your fingertips. These are studies being accomplished not only in the US but worldwide.

In addition, solar physics is a science which taps into all other Astrophysics field of studies and science. Thus, even if you were not an amateur solar physicist or amateur astrophysicist, or even an astronomer or Astrophysicist interested in studying the Sun, you would be well informed in one of the most important topics in astronomy regarding our planetary system: The Sun!

Furthermore, if you take this study or hobby seriously, you will be ahead in the news of current events and the latest in space weather or solar weather effects on our physical planet. And as you pursue this field, you will unavoidably and automatically learn facts on subjects, such as planet Earth physics, its relationship to other bodies in the solar system and those planets’ relationship to the sun and vice-versa.

Further, whether or not you are widely known, as an Helio behavior observer you will soar in the understanding of science related to our planet’s physical aspect and even beyond our own planet as well; as far as that knowledge has presently been discovered and covered by the media.

Even your understanding of agriculture science to human physical health and emotional behavior to the innermost physiology of life inside earth itself will be increased. Why? Because all inert matter and living organisms from all ecology systems, and all plant life from all botanic systems, and all hydrosphere and atmospheric systems have a relationship with the Sun and is affected by the Sun. Not only human life, but the life of the physical planet Earth itself has a direct relationship to the Sun and all are directly affected by solar behavior.

In short, you cannot study one field of Astronomy or Astrophysics by omitting the this important field, which is the Sun. Thus, all other sciences related to anything that is upon the Earth, or any other planet, automatically come into play in a fascinating manner, showing how life, all life, plants in all ecosystems, animals in all environments, insects, and microbes in their systems that are living on earth are interconnected with the Sun.

Plus, all Earth’s inertia matter, from the minute to the largest are interconnected and interdependent with each other and all are directly linked to the Sun by the sun’s magnetic field and solar wind and interplanetary energetic particles coming to and into the Earth via the solar wind. And thus; whatever happens on the Sun or in the Sun directly affects all components of our physical and non-physical life on Earth, be it seen by the naked eye or not, be it energy or be it solid matter.

As you can see, the old saying is true, “We are one.” and that “one” is our planet’s reciprocal relationship with the Sun and to the rest of the solar system and even the intergalactic system. Now that brings us back to the original point where anything that happens to the Sun and in the Sun affects the Earth as a physical planet and everything living and non-living in it.

Whatever happens in the Sun or to the Sun, or on the Sun also affects everything beyond the Earth as well, interplanetary and exo-solar system such as our surrounding neighbor solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy are all affected. This brings us to the realization, that everything that happens on other solar systems within our galaxy also affects our Solar System as well, and eventually every life form on Earth. Thus, Heliophysics is the most important and fascinating science to study and to understand, if we are to begin to understand how and why things actually happen on Earth and how and why it is possible for life to exist on Earth and on other planets.

Watch the Sky.

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