Chorus Waves Sounds

An explanation of NASA’s recorded sounds of the magnetosphere which they call song of the Earth, or chorus waves produced by killer electrons.  These sounds were recorded by satellites studying the Van Allen Belts or Radiation Belts.

CREDIT: Science at NASA

Radio Waves Sounds  Emitted By The Earth’s Magnetosphere
On Sept. 5, 2012, the Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) team at the University of Iowa have prepared  a new recording of the “chorus” or sounds of the magnetosphere. The sounds were captured by a waves tri-axial search coil magnetometer and a receiver part of the group of instruments used by the  EMFISIS to captured such sounds at their peak radio wave events at the magnetosphere. These waves or sounds are audible to the human ear and are emitted by energetic particles as they course through the magnetosphere of the Earth.
As you listen, note that the sounds are much like the songs of birds, and because it is more easily detected in the morning, it is called “dawn chorus”.

CREDIT: NASA Missions – Van Allen Probes. This recording was made available members of the EMFISIS team, which includes Terry Averkamp, Dan Crawford, Larry Granroth, George Hospodarsky, Bill Kurth, Jerry Needell and Chris Piker

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